Smart people who are good at explaining what they do and less great at telling others why  care, support or buy from them, hire me to:

  • Define the value proposition others instantly understand


  • Chop down complex ideas into 576 words


  • Build communication that moves people to act and support you


  • Coach them how to deliver keynotes


  • Help them to get status and create fans

In short - they hire me to come across as interesting characters with a valuable story others want to hear more about and share

send me what you're working on

and I'll see how we can do that for you.

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Our mission is supporting experts, engineers, leaders and academics who walk into high stakes situations, where they typically have lower status. Helping them promote disruptive ideas that initially hold little public recognition or importance and take a long time to explain.


The easy, standard and expensive industry practice is to try and dress up complex proposal with fancy sounding power words and inspiring videos thrown in-between. But that never works for growth stage companies. That’s the incumbent card.


We enable growth stage companies to distill their message and take it to new places. Make it resonate internally and fuel organizational culture change. Enable leaders to talk today like they would after 2, 3 years of great success.


By advocating instead of fudging the truth, most days in our business feel like playing chess with live rounds. Our operational theater is the space of corporate and public opinion. An environment with lots of moving parts and easy to stumble into booby traps.


It’s our job to assess situations and engineer the best strategy and tools to instantly reframe and gain control of the conversation. Either by responding to provocation or generating momentum for a particular topic in the right way.


We do this by building messaging, engineering and driving campaigns, writing speeches and designing brand identities that convey importance, uniqueness and future business or public relevance.


when starting something new, different or challenging, the one thing that determines 90% of your success is your ability to quickly establishing yourself as a trustworthy, credible and dedicated expert. We engineer business or idea development narratives that get that done in the right and fastest way.


is what separates great and average communicators, because today the news cycle is short, audiences are restless and buyers quickly distracted. The only way to stay relevant is to lead and drive the conversation. We build messaging, coach speakers and advise internal PR & marketing teams.



makes the difference between executing a PR strategy and adapting that plan to changes and obstacles so that in the end it always comes together. Our all hands on deck support plows through all the inputs, intelligence and hearsay, recommending the course of action and the best high stakes last-minute calls.

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