Buzzwords are a sure way to lower your value

Jul 29, 2022

One thing that is very interesting is the fact that most people are just not doing a lot to present themselves. And the things they do actually get done, are not a very good reflection of their business or a very interesting thing to observe. 

Simply put, you have vloggers on YouTube, who take 1,000,000% more effort into boasting about their trip to the Amalfi Coast, then the CEO of 100 million or 200 million company, who doesn't even care how that company communicates with the outside world. Like we keep saying over and over again, on this channel, it is not about trying to emulate billion dollar companies, you will not get far by doing that. Now, for reasons are obvious, we can list them again, those companies have brand power, they have decision maker access, they have funds, their marketing budget on a single conference is bigger than your entire revenue. So you can pull the levers that make their corporate speak, work for them, and you can't. And the more your company tries to be appearing as a big company, the weaker it gets, your only competitive advantage is that you can execute faster you can be more direct, you know your customer, you are small enough to be agile, but but big enough to control risk. All of that flies out of the window. When you start using buzzwords, hype words, NBA, and policy speak, the awful language that means nothing, and tries to make people look sophisticated. But in fact, without the brand power of that sophistication just flies out the window. 

If, if you don't believe me there, just load up any speech of a Ernst and Young or KPMG, or any one of those outfits, or a politician or a V f member. And listen to what they're saying, you know, the programming words they're using to build a trend to build a hype to build a fad. And then just put those same words to someone who was no status, like, like a junior employee or someone deliver something for you, you'll see how holiday are. So you should not confuse the fact that virtue signaling or identification with large words, that's not why those brands are where they are. 

That's how they keep you where you are. That's their function. And I think it's time you no longer let them keep you where you are, you have to start moving up in your orbit. The more you can do that, the higher the value of your contracts, the higher higher the profitability of your company, the higher the value of your business, whether we want to grow it or we want to exit it or both. And the surest way of doing that, is by upping your communication,