Viral videos don't exist in 2022

Aug 2, 2022

In 2022, the world no longer works like it used to work three years ago, five years ago, 10 years ago. So what is happening then? What do you have the phenomenon of the viral video? Right? Remember those people be coming up with ways to shoot a video that would just go everywhere and every week talking about it? I haven't heard about those. Lately, like, nobody mentioned that it's not a term anymore. Why not? You know what happened there? It just doesn't exist. The content is saturated. Every channel is saturated with content. You're just not going to break through with something funny. Are you sure you can, you can get away with like 10 million clicks on a cat video like a cat on the floor playing with some ball and licking a lump of cheese or something. But that's not really the viral video you need, you know the one that's going to let everybody know position you on the map as this major company. 

What you see as a viral video today is heavily promoted, strategized, fed to audiences who will use it to virtue signal or up their own brand in similar ways. It’s not because the content works like crazy. It’s calculated, based on numbers and financed.

So those are out for small and mid sized business. Howe about the idea of just AdWords, right? Have you checked the price of AdWords? What happened is and all the big companies who were staying off the internet, they're now on the internet. And they're shifting their media budgets from using television channels to using AdWords. So they're prepared to pay for a click, knocking one to $3. But like 15, if needed, and that just puts you back on the list or makes your advertising very, very expensive, and basically prices you out of the market. 

And then there's also the, the fact that just access to targets, it's so easy, so you can get the names and the contact list of anybody for nothing. You know, Zoom info, is like a premium service, you got like 10 competitors, many of them like practically for free, you get all these contact links, you find you find the people on LinkedIn, you figure out who they are, you, you, you scrape out the emails, and boom. But now there are these things coming up, like gated, and other ways that people are just not letting you email them. Right. So. So access to lists and targets is incredibly available. But it's hard to get through channels are saturated with content, he has to be really special focus nice, short, surgical precise. And the economics of it all have drastically changed