Why can't you get a $30M deal in 10 minutes?


There are people in this world who make a $40 million deal in 10 minutes that worked out for a while before but they had the access they had the timing that the opportunity they had the you know, the ingredients of the deal. They've done it. Why can't you get access like that? Why can't you make a $10,000 deal in 10 minutes, right? So you see what I'm getting at. That's a real problem. We imagine you had that capability that would change your life completely. Fernando Alonso backed out of his commitment to the Alpine team. And apparently they were not listening to him, because at the press conference, he was saying, Yeah, I'm really committed to helping but at the same time, you're saying,

if two parties are making a deal, and one party is not happy to deal is not good? Or, you know, he was like, you know, I basically don't like the deal we have. And, you know, he decides to leave. And then 10 minutes, in 10 minutes, he makes a deal with Lawrence drawl of the Aston Martin team for I must be like, a 20 $30 million deal done in 10 minutes, boom, immediately, I can to make a deal with Lawrence throw, like in 10 minutes. If you're a driver, it was like 10,000 people waiting for the Formula One cockpit. So why weren't other people in a position to make this deal? 

Because he has that status. He he's the guy with the name. He's passionate. He has, he's a character. If people don't have the skills to use that access, they're not making a $40 million deal in 10 minutes, right. So that's a real problem. That's why I do this. That's why I get out of bed. That's why I I feel sad for the people who have the same ability to deliver results, but just don't get there. You can get to the same party as that guy. 

And you can pay like 10 grand and you can get into paddock and say Hi, I'm John. You can physically acts as the person but don't have the status and the content and the presence and the delivery and the right words and timing. And because you don't have all that even the access doesn't matter.